I’ve always been interested in the interplay form and space ever since I took a 3d design class in art college. Furniture design allows for physical manifestation of my modern aesthetics.

I’ve always been interested in the interplay of form and space ever since 3D design classes in art college, and although my career took me into advertising, clean well thought out design was always something that I loved. Over the last few years I’ve had the opportunity to explore my design sensibility and apply this vision to a series of tables that I call, the “TS Series”. This series of tables is an exploration of triangles and squares and how those shapes can be manipulated and combined to create various designs.

The sculptural forms of the TS Series are distinctive, yet cohesively linked together through their design DNA.

Tables are made from .165″ thick, 8 gauge, mild steel for stability. that is plasma cut,edges cleaned, then folded by hand on a custom 50 ton press. They are then deburred, sandblasted and a burnished finish is applied for protection.

The TS Design Series tables can be used ways in a variety of ways.  Beside a sofa or chair or grouped together to be used as a coffee table.

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